As long as I can remember, art has been a part of my life, as an observer and an artist. Although my parents had original art and an appreciation for art and artists, I was not encouraged to develop my art outside of it being a hobby. Originally I did art for fun, then for therapy, and later for profit. Art has provided all of those things and more. Pen & Ink is my main medium, but I am not scared to jump into abstracts with enamel and acrylics, watercolors, fabric art, tie dye, and more. My primary influences include Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, and Wes Wilson who created posters for the San Francisco music scene of the 60's. There are others, but these artists grabbed my attention and helped expand my art and mind, by using the "it takes one to know one" approach. My art can look contemporary, like it would fit in any living space or it can be completely eye twitching psychedelic. It is rare for me to know where a piece is going until it really starts moving in a certain direction, however the direction is always subject to change at any time. Enjoy my art, but please ask permission before copying it for any reason. Thank you.